Precast Services

Inserts and connections

Precast Factories

With 50 years of experience in the field of precast concrete, DLC Consulting carried out the design of a large number of precast factories.

In order to start a new production or to renovate an old one, DLC Consulting offers the following activities:

  • Functional layout
  • Design of molds and production lines, storage areas and areas supporting the production
  • Design of the precast plant structure and cladding
  • Simulation of the cycle of daily production
  • General Management of the project
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    DLC consulting offers the wide expertise of the engineering team for the seismic refurbishment/retrofit of existing buildings and takes care of the structural checks and the design of retrofit interventions on:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
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    Eurovecap, arrived at release 5.0, is a calculation program made by DLC consulting for the design (dimensioning and check) of prestressed concrete beam/floor/roof elements.

    The program checks fully or partially precast prestressed elements, considering the various service stages of the element (lifting, transportation, use) under both SLS and ULS conditions.

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